Maggots farming business plan


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Table of Content
• 1. Industry Overview
• 2. Executive Summary
• 3. Our Products and Services
• 4. Our Mission and Vision Statement
• 5. Job Roles and Responsibilities
• 6. SWOT Analysis
• 8. Our Target Market
• 10. Sales Forecast
• 11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy
• 12. Our Pricing Strategy
• 13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)
• 14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

Why Start a Maggot Farming Business
maggots can be reared in farms just like earthworm, snail, pig and other classes of farming that you know? Maggot farming today has come to stay because it has moved from its primitive stage where it was only an activity and hobby, to what it is today – a line of business.
With the high cost of animal feed, growing maggots is beginning to become a thriving business. Maggots come from flies. When flies lay eggs, the eggs pass through several stages before they turn into flies. One of the stages is the maggot stage. You can use the maggot to feed fish, ducks, pigs, free range chickens and other animals. As a matter of fact, maggots can be a good and suitable substitute for soybeans which is a core ingredient in animal feed.

Maggots farming business plan