Poultry farming business plan

Poultry farming business plan

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Poultry Farming Business Plan acts as a blue print for your Poultry farm, just like someone who is constructing a house will make a blueprint of there house, a Poultry Farming Business Plan will direct you where you are going, what you need to do in order to get where you want to be.

The whole essence of writing a business plan is to identify everything you need to know before you start your Poultry Farming Business that way you are less likely to make mistakes once you start your Poultry Farming Business. The poultry farming business plan is a road map, without a business plan literally everything you are doing is trial and error, you are more likely to make mistakes, you won’t be able to monitor your progress.

Don’t forget a Poultry Farming Business Plan or any other business plan can easily be adapted it’s nothing final. Once you write a business plan then you develop an idea later on, you can always come back to update the business plan even if after you have started the farm.

You can come back to adapt it or put in your great thought in such a way it will contribute to your mission and your final goal. A Poultry Farming Business Plan needs to be simple and straight forward, when you browse the internet you are going to come across complex business plans 50pages, 100pages but you can make your business plan as short as possible. You can put it on your wall somewhere so that you can be able to look at it everyday and every week so that you will be able to monitor your progress or be able to tell if you are going of course.

Writing a business plan will involve a few things which we are going to talk about below, these are:










Let’s go in more depth

*Business plan/Tittle

Not mandatory meaning you can do with or without but whatever business name you choose, you need to choose a name which will be easy for people to remember and easily identify with. It’s not about being unique you make a 17 letter latin word as your business name because it’s unique and means laying hens, no one will remember it so keep it simple and relevant.

In this case we shall use happy Poultry farm, it’s simple and easy to remember.


These two are actually different, the purpose of the business plan is for simplicity and to be able to track the Poultry farm success. If you are writing a business plan to request funding from investors, you will prefer to separate them and be specific about both of them, if it’s personal funding go ahead and use any of the terms, you will probably become specific as  on and the firm becomes bigger.

The vision helps describe the firm, what you are going to be striving for and what you want to achieve, it helps your staff to identify with it. All the activities of the farm should be aligned with this vision, this will also prevent you from steering off course. The vision of happy Poultry farm will be “to become the leader of high quality chicken for meat. With such a vision all workers will have something to aspire to, it directs and identifies the farm as the provider of chicken meat, not eggs, not chicks, not feed. This guides the activities of the farm, for example a problem comes and the meat is not doing well, the farm will not start thinking of hatching chicks because it’s an in thing, the farm will find a way of solving the problem and in doing so, they will not flow with every moving wave.


The goals you set should motivate you, they can be divided into short term that’s 3-6 months, midterm about 1year and long-term goals 3-5 years, it is very important you think big but remain realistic

The goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound, an example if you are starting with 200 Broilers, one of the goals can be to Produce 500 Broilers every 2 weeks in 10months time, the goal is specific and measurable because we are talking about 500 Broilers every 2 weeks it’s attainable. Don’t set a goal like having 10,000 Broilers next month while you are having 200 that’s not realistically attainable. The should be big enough to inspire you but not too big such that it’s out of reach it should be relevant to the vision of providing meat and it’s time bound like we want to see these results in 10 months. The goals should focus on things like the revenue you want, the number of farms/outlets, the number of birds and always remember to keep them relevant to your vision.


What exactly are you going to be selling to the people? Is it eggs, chicken for meat or meat itself, chicks? Be specific, try to focus on one product. In this case our Product is live broiler birds for meat. We shall be selling live chickens and not meat itself, always remember the business plan is adaptable if in future you decide to start selling processed meat and the meat itself. You also need to note down what problem each product will solve, if the products don’t solve anything in the community eg lack of constant meat supply then you are unlikely to succeed, you need to approach the whole process another perspective.

*Unique selling point, Target Market and Competition.

You need to answer questions like, why should people buy from you and not your competitors, this is the message you will give to your customers while marketing, it will also be a focus of your everyday proceedings at the farm. For example on all our selling points we will make sure all our Broilers are antibiotic free. You also identify who you will sale your products to, if you don’t identify who you will sale your products to it becomes a problem and you have to sit down to think of something else.

In our case we shall sale our Products to street vendors who roast chicken in the evening and few nearby restaurants, you also need to think about your competitors what they are doing right, there strength, weakness and how to improve so that you become more appealing to customers than they are.


The big question here is how will you sale your products fast? 

How will you get people to know about your product at the beginning, will it be by word of mouth, local radio, fliers, community meetings, you need to figure this out, you need to plan for every eventualities for example in our case, what if the street vendors fail to buy the Broilers, what do you, you must have it planned out.


In this section we write all the things needed to start our Poultry farm, it’s not the financial part of the plan all you need to do is listing, write down all what’s needed to start from brooding eg feeders, drinkers, saw dust, feeds, vaccines etc.

This information you can get it from Poultry farmers around you.

*People involved

This is a very important stage, here you note down who will be in charge of the financial aspects at the farm, who will be in charge of marketing and who will be in charge of day to day operations. You also need to restructure the rankings who will report to who and who do you contact for particular information.

*Financial plan

This involves how much you need to start a Poultry farm, where you will get the finances, it also involves forecast of revenue and profit and particular land mark times, for example after a year, 2years and the percentage growth of your farm.

Hope you have learnt how to make a business plan.

If you have any questions leave them below.



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